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  • A Meade 390 refractor gets resuscitated

    David Fuller — October 28, 2013
    When I was younger, the Meade 390 refractor was a telescope I used to look at and drool over, wishing I could own one day. When I found one for sale online, I knew it would need some work. But that didn't deter me from capturing a bit of that nostalgia - and REALLY enjoying the results of what the telescope could show when spruced up.
  • A (small) win for dark skies!

    David Fuller — October 24, 2013
    Sometimes when life throws you "You can't do that," it winds up being good motivation to prove, "Oh, yes I CAN!" When badly shielded streetlights were shining into my daughters window, I not only set to work and got something accomplished, I learned some things to help others when they fight light pollution and light trespass too.
  • It's time to stop telling first-time stargazers "Buy binoculars first"

    David Fuller — October 22, 2013
    "Buy binoculars first" used to be good advice. A decent telescope was, in inflation-adjusted currency, a lot more expensive. Also, there were more valid uses for binoculars should the astronomy "bug" not bite. But that old advice is, well... old, because there are new options unavailable when the advise was first given.
  • A telescope from scratch, out of spare parts

    David Fuller — April 23, 2013
    I have had this 4.5" f/8 primary from Meridian Telescopes for quite a while (sadly not sold there anymore), and always planned to build a scope around it someday. I got around to doing something about it.
  • "Lunar X" visible tonight!

    David Fuller — April 17, 2013
    The Lunar X is a feature that only appears for a few hours near a first quarter Moon. It is the tops of a few craters bathed in sunlight for a few hours, displaying a near-perfect "X" shape visible in telescopes.