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We've created a lot of handy things to make your stargazing productive and more enjoyable. Check out our fan favorites.

  • Learning Your Way Around the Night Sky

    Love the stars, but not sure where to start? Do you just want to begin identifying and navigating to those first few bright stars? No problem! This series will get your eyes on the sky in no time.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Telescopes

    While not covering every single detail, this guide will help you understand all the necessary basics: telescope types, calculating magnification, beginner eyepieces, using an equatorial mount and so much more.

  • Telescopes On The Sky List (TOTS)

    Learn how to easily star-hop your way to 52 of the best and brightest objects in the sky, visible from most anywhere, observable even through small telescopes! Find and see star clusters, nebulae, double stars, etc.

  • Binoculars On The Sky List (BOTS)

    Like the TOTS list, these objects are better seen with two eyes through the wider field of view binoculars offer. Also focuses on beautiful star clusters, colorful double stars - even some entire constellations!

The astronomy field needs more energetic promoters like David. Congratulations to him and I urge the rest of you to give him your support.
Dave Eicher / Editor, Astronomy Magazine