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  • Animation of the Jupiter triple moon transit

    David Fuller — January 22, 2015
    Lasting a mere 25 minutes - really a few minutes less than that by the time each Moon is fully into view or before it leaves view - there is not a lot of time to see it. But, there will be plenty of time to view and share this event.
  • Great sidewalk astronomy event last Saturday

    David Fuller — September 10, 2014
    Passers-by of nearby shops plus people driving by on the streets saw my 4" f/15 scope, and it piqued their curiosity, so they came in to learn more. My attached photo shows probably less than half of the people we catered to last night.
  • See Spica during the day

    David Fuller — August 26, 2014
    People are surprised that they can see stars during the day that are not the Sun. “What? Really? How is that possible?” It is possible because bright stars are... well, bright! The trick is that you need to know the exact spot to look, because you won't have the crutch of a dark sky to make the star's contrast with the sky as obvious.
  • Will Mars ever look as big as the Moon?

    David Fuller — August 26, 2014
    Sometimes memes go around stating things that are... well let's just say they are designed to get people to think, "WHAT?! OMG!!" But the facts... they are usually thrown by the wayside. Here's one example.
  • Photos from "Star Stories": A mythology / theater / astronomy mash-up

    David Fuller — August 18, 2014
    Members of the Kankakee Area Stargazers, the Kankakee Valley Theater Association, other members of the community, artist-in-residence for Kankakee Brandi Burgess and I put together a show for about 55 audience members at the Willowhaven Interpretive Center east of the Kankakee / Bradley / Bourbonnais area.