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  • You can do astrophotography affordably

    David Fuller — November 25, 2020
    To get deep sky objects into an image form, you do need to spend a bit of money. But it need not be in the thousands of dollars to get good results, either.
  • A passionate defense of the tabletop reflector

    David Fuller — November 24, 2020
    Amateur astronomers often reflexively recommend an 8" Dobsonian, but for lesser budgets, there's perfectly good alternative: The small, 114mm to 130mm tabletop telescopes. Sometimes less is more.
  • Solar Cycle 25 is stepping up!

    David Fuller — November 22, 2020
    Solar Cycle 25 is starting to produce multiple sunspots, visible in white light using proper solar filters to view the Sun. Learn more about it here.
  • The "Telescopes On The Sky" catalog of videos and objects

    David Fuller — November 08, 2020
    Amateur astronomers deserve a list of objects that they can find and see through light pollution with small telescopes. But how do you find objects if fainter stars are washed out?
  • Connecting the dots on starhopping

    David Fuller — October 14, 2020
    If you know what to look for at your destination, you won't be lost when you arrive. And that's the beauty of starhopping - you will not have a puzzled thought such as, "Am I in the right place?" You will know you are.