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  • How to find Messier 10 and Messier 12

    David Fuller — July 23, 2014
    There are a number of Messier objects in Ophiuchus, along with some great double stars and other clusters. But two that are right near each other are Messier 10 and Messier 12, globular clusters both. While relatively bright as globulars go, they aren't exactly right next to any 2nd or 3rd magnitude stars, so there are a few techniques required to find them.
  • The Light Pollution Reduction Challenge

    David Fuller — January 29, 2014
    Do something. Change a bulb. Replace a fixture. Get politically involved, or call your electric company. Be polite, but be PERSISTENT. You probably won't get results on the first, second or even third try. The streetlights around me took four tries and over a year to get changed. Even if you just do ONE THING, it's made a difference!
  • When light is like a weed

    David Fuller — December 20, 2013
    If a flowerbed has a tall clump of grass growing in it, then that grass is a weed, because it is a plant growing in an area where it is not wanted. Or, as shown here: Grass on a roof. Obviously, the grass is a weed. It is where it is unwanted. What does this have to do with light pollution? A lot, actually.
  • Fire vs. ISON: Sun 1, ISON 0

    David Fuller — November 28, 2013
    Comet ISON vs. the Sun. Well, how do you think that turned out? Icy little rock vs. hydrogen/helium nuclear fusion factory. Yeah... just like you might expect. But it's still cool to watch.
  • Sol Food, October 28, 2013

    David Fuller — October 28, 2013
    The Sun served up some amazing sunspots this day. And seeing how large some of them are compared to Earth? Mind boggling.