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Sun October 28, 2013 With Sunspots And Labels

Sol Food, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Some interesting - and large! - sunspots on the Sun today. I like to include a scale image of Earth when posting sunspot photos; it helps give a sense of how large some of these cooler magnetic disturbances are on the Sun's surface. Labelling the sunspots groups is helpful as well - I like to have some idea what I'm looking at in terms of it's scientific designation, even if the sunspots will disappear.

Taken through a 6" f/5 reflector at prime focus with Canon T3, 400 ISO @1/4000 sec. Post: Slight contrast boost, image dimmed, orange color added slightly to bring out contrast of faculae.

Sun October 28, 2013 With Sunspots And Labels

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