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Star Stories 8   The Cast Takes A Curtain Call Bow

Photos from "Star Stories": A mythology / theater / astronomy mash-up

August 18, 2014

On August 2, 2014, members of the Kankakee Area Stargazers, the Kankakee Valley Theater Association, other members of the community, artist-in-residence for Kankakee Brandi Burgess and I put together a show for about 55 audience members at the Willowhaven Interpretive Center east of the Kankakee / Bradley / Bourbonnais area. See this previous blog post for information about the event; see pictures below for some fun scenes from that night.  

The program ran 45 minutes, and amateur astronomers plus about half the crowd stayed for another hour and fifteen minutes to look at Saturn, Mars, the Moon and some other objects through a couple of telescopes that were brought by a couple members of the Kankakee Area Stargazers. Below are few photos from this theater-astronomy-mythology-outreach event. 

Star Stories 1   Brandi Burgess And David Fuller Welcome And Introduce

Brandi Burgess and David Fuller welcome the audience to the first-ever "Star Stories" at Willowhaven Interpretive Center.

Star Stories 2   Hera Is Mad At Zeus About Arcas Born To Callisto

Zeus gets taken to task by Hera for conceiving Arcas with Callisto. This was part of the mythological narrative used to tell the story of how Ursa Major and Ursa Minor were placed in the sky.

Star Stories 3   Constellations Shown In Skits Being Pointed Out By Ken Plecki Of Kasg

After each mythological skit was acted out, an amateur astronomer pointed out the corresponding constellations in the sky. Despite fighting the parking lot light and some high cirrus clouds, the audience was able to identify most of the stars relating to each story.

Star Stories 5   Hercules Fights The Nemean Lion (leo The Lion)

In this scene, Hercules is fighting the Nemean Lion, the first of his Twelve Labors. The lion is represented in the sky by Leo the Lion, the one constellation we couldn't view well that evening due to Leo having partially set for the evening.

Star Stories 5a   Atlas Is Tricked By Hercules Into Holding The Celestial Spheres Again

Hercules tricks Atlas into supporting the celestial spheres again, and takes off with the Golden Apples of Hesperides, completing his Twelve Labors.

Star Stories 6   The Narrator Gets In The Self Portrait Of Cepheus, Cassiopeia And Andromeda

The narrator photobombs Cepheus, Cassiopeia and Andromeda as they attempt to take a "royal selfie."

Star Stories 7   Perseus Saves Andromeda From Cetus The Sea Monster

Perseus the Hero saves the chained princess Andromeda from Cetus the Sea Monster during the Star Stories finale. 

Star Stories 8   The Cast Takes A Curtain Call Bow

The cast of Star Stories takes a final bow under the parking lot lights. Overall, a great success!

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