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X Marks The Spot Lunar X

"Lunar X" visible tonight!

April 17, 2013

The Lunar X feature is visible on the Moon tonight!  See this week's "Eyes on the Sky" video for more information.  Cloudy?  No problem - it will be visible again later this year - here's the 2013 dates and times of best visibility for the Lunar X (calculated for Central Time Zone in the United States - convert to your time zone here):

  • Apr 17 18:47 CDT
  • May 17 05:51 CDT
  • Jun 15 16:21 CDT
  • July 15 02:49 CDT
  • Aug 13 13:50 CDT
  • Sep 12 01:47 CDT
  • Oct 11 14:52 CDT
  • Nov 10 04:03 CST
  • Dec 09 18:57 CST

Date in bold indicates U.S. visibility of "X" in daylight; full date / time in bold indicates U.S. visibility in darkness.

See the "X" in the middle of the graphic at right?  It is right on the "terminator" line where the light and shadow of the Moon are, created on the tops of the craters Purbach, LaCaille and Blanchinus.  Don't miss this "only visible for a few hours each month" feature!

X Marks The Spot Lunar X

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