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  • A visual AND astrophotography telescope set up for under $1,000

    David Fuller — October 02, 2020
    I see people ask all the time, "I would like to do both visual AND astrophotography - and my budget is limited. What should I get?" 9 times out of 10, the response is either "Get a bigger budget" (not always possible) or "Spend ALL your money on the mount." Here's an alternative solution that checks nearly every box for doing both - without breaking the bank.
  • The Lyrid Meteor Shower Produces 100's Per Hour

    David Fuller — April 20, 2020
    One of the things I really try to do well with Eyes on the Sky is share good, factual information about what can be seen well in the night sky, by most amateurs. Are there a lot of faint things that could be seen that I overlook? Yes. Are there are lot of not-so-great things that get hyped by some media sources of people looking to boost their views or clicks or whatever? Yes also. As such, somewhat frustratingly, I have recently seen one making the rounds with a headline saying unequivocally "We will see 100's of meteors per hours!"
  • Are Type 1a supernovas picky eaters?

    David Fuller — March 20, 2012
    Scientists are getting closer to understanding what may cause Type 1a supernovae to occur. The supernova in M101 provides some clues.