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Detailed star charts

The detailed beginner star charts by Andrew L. Johnson show stars down to magnitude 7.25; about the limit of naked-eye visibility under very dark skies. For most of us under light polluted conditions, it's a great set of charts for finding our way around with binoculars or a very small telescope.  Find planets and see conjunctions of planets with the moon by watching the current Eyes on the Sky video. Download free Greek Alphabet reference guide here.

Print or download these black and white free star charts (PDF format).  To save, right click then "Save Target As"

1 - 10 Constellations visible  R.A. Dec. 11 - 20 Constellations visible on chart R.A.  Dec.
Chart 1 URSA MINOR, URSA MAJOR, CASSIOPEIA, CEPHEUS, DRACO All R.A.  North of +65  Chart 11Chart 11a VIRGO, COMA BERENICES, CORVUS, SERPENS CAPUTClose up of VIRGO galaxies  12h to 16h             11.5h to 13.5h  +20 to -20+20 to 0
Chart 2 PERSEUS, ANDROMEDA, TRIANGULUM  0h to 4h +65 to +20 Chart 12 AQUILA, OPHIUCUS, SERPENS CAUDA  16h to 20h +20 to -20
Chart 3 GEMINI, AURIGA, PERSEUS  4h to 8h +65 to +20 Chart 13 AQUARIUS, DELPHINUS, EQUULEUS, PEGASUS  20h to 0h +20 to -20
Chart 4 URSA MAJOR, LEO MINOR, LYNX  8h to 12h +65 to +20 Chart 14 ERIDANUS, SCULPTOR, PHOENIX, FORNAX, HOROLOGIUM  0h to 4h -20 to -65
Chart 5 URSA MAJOR, BOOTES, CANES VENATICI, CORONA BOREALIS  12h to 16h +65 to +20 Chart 15 CANIS MAJOR, COLUMBA, PICTOR, PUPPIS  4h to 8h -20 to -65
Chart 6 HERCULES, LYRA, VULPECULA, SAGITTA  16h to 20h +65 to +20 Chart 16 HYDRA, ANTLIA, PYXIS, VELA  8h to 12h -20 to -65
Chart 7 CYGNUS, LACERTA, PEGASUS  20h to 0h +65 to +20 Chart 17 HYDRA, CENTAURUS, LUPUS  12h to 16h -20 to -65
Chart 8 PISCES, CETUS  0h to 4h +20 to -20 Chart 18 SAGITTARIUS, SCORPIUS  16h to 20h -20 to -65
Chart 9 TAURUS, ORION, MONOCEROS, LEPUS, CANIS MINOR/MAJOR  4h to 8h +20 to -20 Chart 19 PISCES AUSTRINUS, MICROSCOPIU, GRUS  20h to 0h -20 to -65
Chart 10 LEO, CANCER, SEXTANS, HYDRA  8h to 12h +20 to -20 Chart 20 CIRCUMPOLAR, SOUTH  All South of -65

The star charts above utilize the Greek alphabet system to denote the brightest 24 stars for most constellations. To assist in interpreting these symbols, you can download this free Greek Alphabet reference guide here.  File is for 11 inches x 8.5 inches paper, in PDF format.  File size is 2.3MB.   See below for a preview of this chart, or click on it to download the PDF.