By Dave Fuller on 12/20/2013 8:44 AM
I was fresh out of college, had just moved, and the job I had lined up fell through. So I took the job that I could get immediately to care for my wife and newborn daughter. So I did, and worked for one summer at a well known lawn care company. They liked me a lot there, as our company got several handwritten notes from customers whose lawns I sprayed. I think some of the other techs didn't like me because I was new and they'd been there several years. But the key was effective communication: I told people what was up. Yes, I'm spraying your lawn, but it won't be 100% free of weeds, but I'll do my best, and you have to do your part too (mowing properly, watering, etc.).

I knew those things because even though I'd missed the first and most of the second round of applications for the season, I got caught up quickly on being educated about lawn care. One of the things I learned was that even though we were spraying lawns, which are made up of various types of grasses (fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, etc.), grass...

The Nightlight

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