By Dave Fuller on 11/25/2013 9:35 PM
I have had an on and off relationship with variable stars for a while. I find them fascinating, but my yard presents a problem for observing many of them. With several 80 to 90 feet tall trees, and a 'window' of sky that measures perhaps 100 x 100 degrees, facing from about 35 degrees north, to near the zenith, terminating towards the south, and having a "sort of" view towards a limited area in the southeast, what I can easily see varies greatly. I have learned to be patient when it comes to observing "stationary" objects, and with "event" occurrences - such as comets, or moon shadow transits, or other "one time" type events - I move where I observe. I'll either physically pick up my telescope and change my location in the yard (usually inviting more direct light trespass), or pack up and go somewhere in town to have a larger view of the sky.

I had started getting interested in variable stars about 4 years ago. But because of the yard situation, I quickly found that the stars I wanted to keep on viewing,...

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