By Dave Fuller on 11/24/2013 7:01 PM
Longtime Eyes on the Sky viewers are well aware of the occasional antics and skits that get included in the weekly - and sometimes, educational - videos. That doesn't come from nowhere. Though my love of astronomy is both genuine and sincere, my passion for theater is just as great. So I often marry the two with "Astronomy Theater." However, I also am involved in a local community theater group on occasion. One of my "dream shows" for the last 25 years has been to be in the musical "Les Miserables." This last summer, I was cast in that local group's production of the show.

Now, I like my hair short, but most people in early 1800's France didn't have nicely trimmed buzzcuts. So I had to grow my hair out, which is why many have noticed the slow transformation of my hair from short to long-ish (well, for me) over the last 6 months. But on Monday of last week? It ALL reverted back to normal. The show ended, was a rousing success, and I had a fantastic time in it. Time to move on though.

Here's a few photos from the show, for your viewing pleasure. This is one of me as the pimp in the "Lovely Ladies" song/scene, though it should be noted I am wearing a black wig for this character:


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