By Dave Fuller on 10/28/2013 10:02 AM
As we age, many of the hardships or poor experiences fade in one's memory, and we often see the past through rose-colored glasses. This can have the effect of making us long for what we fondly remember as simpler, easier times, when life was always better.

Of course, this usually isn't true. But some things really do retain their luster and value over time. An example of that is the telescopes made many decades ago. At the time, they were often prohibitively expensive for amateur astronomers, and one instrument's purchase meant saving up for many months or even years. These days, these scopes can be found in the garages and basements of many a home, neglected, dusty, or dragged out only for the occasional, spectacular astronomical event such as a bright comet. This is too bad, because many of these instruments are superior in many ways to presently available telescopes. 

An example, you ask? But of course! How about this? 


The Nightlight

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