By Dave Fuller on 9/19/2013 7:44 AM
I've been interested in astronomy ever since I was a kid. Looking up at the stars, wondering "What's out that?" and being completely fascinated by the space programs that took us to the Moon and low earth orbit, and finally getting my first "real" telescope in my early 20's, kicked off what eventually became this lifelong passion. Eyes on the Sky exists to devote part of its energy towards light pollution reduction, but it wasn't until I heard Dr. George Brainard speak at ALCon last year that I realized how important light at night - or should I say, lack of light at night is to sleep, and the spectrum of light with respect to melatonin.

The fact is, during the day, our eyes largely see light at blue wavelengths. Think about the color of the sky during the day:

That blue triggers our eyes...

The Nightlight

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