By Dave Fuller on 4/9/2013 7:33 PM
I am strange in a way.  I see "good" and "bad" outdoor lighting even during the daytime.  Lights do not even need to be turned  on and I can "see" if they are good or bad.  And one of the most vexing problems is how to modify / change behavior, particularly of the ubiquitous "post" lamp here in the United States.  They have a "bulb up" orientation, which does not lend themselves to "good" downward facing lighting in an easy way.

Until now, perhaps.  Let me explain.  And this is a bit circuitous, so bear with me.

My wife and I do not get out all that much together.  With two teenage daughters, there are a lot of other expenses that come before "a night out," but we had made a date to go out this last Sunday.  I had tasked her with deciding where she wanted to go eat, though by that afternoon, she was still undecided.  We had a few errands to run first, so we talked about some options.  Finally, she said, "Let's go to Texas Roadhouse."

I was skeptical.

"Isn't it loud there?  You don't...

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