By Dave Fuller on 3/3/2013 10:04 AM

Comets are a wonderful thing for both amateur and professional astronomers to observe.  For amateurs, they are often unexpected visitors, forcing us to hunt a bit more than usual to find their exact location on any given night.  And their unpredictability means that some, like Comet Holmes, can brighten up by hundreds, thousands or millions of time, suddenly making them into superstars (supercomets?).

Arguably the best comet to visit Earth (in the northern hemisphere) since Comet Garradd graced out skies in 2011, Comet PANSTARRS C2011 L4 promises to put on a light show.  But as I see it, there's a problem.  A light show done during the day isn't nearly as spectacular as one done at night, when the sky is darker, and the lights appear more impressive to our eyes.  And as I was putting together some charts last night for others to follow this comet, I came to a realization: This comet may be overhyped.

The Nightlight

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