By Dave Fuller on 10/29/2012 9:39 PM
No, no libations (though the Wisconsin Amber I had was quite tasty).  No, I figured I would pop outside for a moment and catch the just-barely-past-full Moon tonight.  Took a simple 70mm Meade refractor and - what's this?  Are those 'edge of the Moon" mare I see?  Why yes, indeed!  I spotted Mare Australe initially, then after I snapped a few (mostly bad - there are some high clouds that made the shots look poorer than I could see with my eye) pictures with my cellphone camera, I noticed I had also managed to see Mare Smythi and Mare Marginis. These are not "always seen" mare, as the Moon must be 'tilted' the correct direction for us to see it - a phenomenon known as libration.  Anyway, I thought I'd share the picture I got, bad as it is.

The Nightlight

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