By Dave Fuller on 8/18/2014 2:40 PM
Theta Serpentis is somewhat off the beaten path; over 7 degrees from 3.4 magnitude Delta Aquilae and more than 15 degrees from Altair and Cebalrai, it isn't exactly in a well-traveled area of the Milky Way.  But it does reside along the plane of our galaxy from our perspective, and that makes both the journey to it - plus some other objects nearby - a worthwhile one to make.

Start at Altair, dropping south to Detla Aquilae, and look for Cebalrai in Ophiuchus, a star that has it's own interesting deep sky objects nearby. From there, it's more than a full binoculars or finderscope field of view to reach the star, so using some other stars close by to get our bearings is helpful.

Delta Aquilae to Theta Serpentis star hop graphic


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