By Dave Fuller on 10/15/2012 2:29 PM

I started reading a book today called "Dreamland" by David K. Randall, that I'd asked her to get for me.  I must have asked for this book about astronomy, but it may have been related to both sleep AND astronomy.  

Like many of us, I don't exactly sleep as well as I'd like.  So I'm reading through the second chapter of this book, and I read this (forgive the long quote, but it's necessary:

[Psychiatrist] Thomas Wehr,...was struck by the idea that the ubiquitous artificial light we see every day could have some unknown effect on our sleep habits.  On a whim, he deprived subjects of artificial light for up to fourteen hours a day in hopes of re-creating the lighting conditions common to early humans....[T]he subjects initially did little more at night than sleep.  They spent the first few weeks...making up for all of the lost sleep that had accumulated from staying out late at night or showing up at work early in the morning.  After a few weeks, the subjects were better rested than perhaps at any time in their lives.

The Nightlight

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