By Dave Fuller on 3/22/2013 9:19 PM
A while back, I got a very nice email from a self-described hearing impaired amateur astronomer.  The email basically stated that due to the way I speak, this person was able to "hear" what I was saying in my videos, as my lips matched well with the words, and comprehension was fairly easy.  I have also gotten lots of nice compliments from people around the globe - whose English is quite good, I might add - who have asked me if I could caption my videos.

Given that I spend 10 to 15 hours per week on each video, I always had to demur, thank them for their interest, and sigh - wishing that I could have done the captioning.

And then, today, I realized that it is quite simple.  YouTube does most of the work FOR me.  Yes, really.

YouTube changed their channel pages, and in making that change and nosing around the various sections of the site, I happened across the captioning info somehow.  As I started reading it, I realized, "Hey, I can EASILY add captions to my videos!"

I already...

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