By Dave Fuller on 1/30/2014 2:00 PM
I finally got a chance to see the supernova in Messier 82 last night. What with clouds, snow, or -10F temperatures with -30F wind chills either blocking the view or keeping me inside to not freeze to death when it was clear, last night offered me an opportunity. It was clear - I'd put it at around a 7 of 10 for transparency - and though still cold and windy, 19F with a 10-12 mph breeze felt downright balmy.

I also didn't have much time. I am in the process of directing the play "Doubt: A Parable" for one of my local theater troupes, and we had a rehearsal - well, set building - last night. I got home around 10. Had hardly seen my wife or kids that day, so I spent a few minutes catching up with them. After that, I decided to try to spot SN 2014J. I didn't want to take much time to set up a large scope, but knew I needed useful aperture. I chose to use my Starblast 4.5 scope on my Super Simple 2x4 tripod - two hands, out-the-door, ready to go.


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