By Dave Fuller on 8/29/2014 5:18 PM
Spica during the day? 

Today is the day that the Moon was to be within 2 degrees of Spica in the daytime sky. Cloudy weather and even a bit of rain was the order of most of the day today. But I just went outside a little bit ago, and realized... hey, it's clear! Well, clearish. Not exactly superb transparency by any means. 

Moon points to Spica during the dayBut always being one to try for all things astronomical whenever possible, I hauled out my 6" f/5 scope, as it was the quickest and easiest scope I could get out the door while the Moon was still in between two sets of tall pine trees to my southwest. Found the...
By Dave Fuller on 1/26/2014 11:20 PM
Slim crescent Moon near Mercury

On Friday Jan 31 of this week (see above graphic), a very slim crescent from a just-past-New-Moon will pair up with Mercury in the evening sky. Ideal times to look are about 45 minutes to an hour after sunset.  The planet is surprisingly bright, though you will need to look in what I call the "middle twilight" area of the sky. That's the area of twilight between the darker sky above it, and the brighter sky below from the already-set Sun. In that transition zone, the bright point of Mercury pops out - if you have access to a relatively flat and clear western horizon.

These types of situations are when binoculars can be your friend to see the Moon. The planet - despite having the smaller angular diameter / size in the sky, may appear brighter. Point-like objects at lower magnitude can seem brighter...

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