By Dave Fuller on 7/16/2012 2:17 PM

Two days ago, there was an alert from Sky and Telescope magazine that indicated likely aurora over the next few days.  I had downloaded the app "Aurora Buddy" to my smartphone, and occasionally had received aurora reminders in the past.  In fact, I remember getting one on a night where lots of people in the Chicago area (who are also amateur astronomers) saw aurora.... and I MISSED it!  So I wasn't going to miss out if they were visible this time.

I looked on Friday night, as my phone "notified" me a couple times, but several treks outside netted me absolutely nothing.  On Saturday, the same happened, though this time the notifications were indicating higher activity.  I was REALLY bummed at this point, because not only had no one else see anything, but much of the higher activity had occurred during the DAY!  Ugh... had I missed the aurora due to... sunlight?

Turns out, I hadn't.

Apparently the best was yet to come....

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