By Dave Fuller on 6/24/2012 3:42 PM
I had made a video about how to find Pluto, and why this time was a good opportunity to try and spot the little pla... uhhh - dwarf planet.  Two weeks ago some of my friends who are part of the informal Chicago Astronomer group indicated this last weekend might be a good time to try it.  I put it on my calendar, and was not disappointed!

We met at Conway Observatory in Lowell Indiana.  The skies are between 5.5 and 6.0 magnitude, NELM - well, overhead and to the south that is.  To the north, the glow of the city and urban sprawl still block stars down to 3.5 or 4.0 about 40 degrees and below.  But we weren't looking north.  I had researched how high Pluto would be above the horizon: It was to be 20 degrees by 10:45, 25 degrees by 11:45, and culminate on the meridian at 29 degrees around 12:45 or so. Being a glutton for punishment, I started trying around 10:30 or 11:00.  But, I had something going for me: VERY transparent...

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