I think I need a cloud filter

Dec 18

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That's a joke of course.  Cloud filters don't exist.  But if they did, it sure would be helpful.

I guess I only have myself to blame though.  My family has trouble finding Christmas gifts for me - with good reason.  I really am hard to shop for.  So this year I helped them out, and bought a few small items they could give to me as gifts.  I know - a little backwards (it's not like I didn't first propose them making or doing something for me instead!).  And these times are astronomy related - or more accurately, telescope equipment related.

Which brings up, "The Curse."

The Astronomer's Curse is one of those strange things that doesn't seem like it should logically occur, but often it does manifest itself.  "The Curse" is when an amateur astronomer purchases a "new to them" piece of equipment, it will be cloudy for at least a week or more AFTER they receive the item.

I skipped The Curse on one item - a Celestron C6N reflector.  It also has "cloud clearing" properties, wherein the times I have brought it with me to outreach events, the clouds present cleared sufficiently for outreach to actually occur.  When over, the clouds would come back.

I guess you could say that scope IS a "cloud filter."

So what am I going to do with it?  Swap the mirror into a new tube, change the spider, put on a better focuser, etc., etc.  I realize that's asking for it's "cloud filtering" capabilities to be rendered powerless.  I hope it doesn't.

But if it does, I guess I'll only have myself to blame.  And then it'll be just like everyone else dealing with The Curse.

Kinda like I am this week.

How are your skies?

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