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Dec 6

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Like most amateur astronomers, I do not have an astrophysics degree, or much less a doctorate or master's in something related to astronomy.  I've just always had a connection with the night sky since I was young.  That said, I did choose both astronomy and meteorology as my required science classes in college - though much has changed in astronomy even since then.  

So in what field(s) is my degree?

Communications and Theater.

To those of you who have watched many or most of the videos I produce, that likely isn't any surprise.  You've seen me as a Terminator look-alike, Zeus, an Indiana Jones-like character, Hercules, King Cepheus, a Donald Trump-like billionaire, King Charles, Guillaume Le Gentil, among others.  That's what makes doing this so much fun!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago my daughter and I auditioned for a local community theater production of "The Wedding Singer."  Rehearsals started last night, and it looks to be a fantastic cast and it will certainly be a lot of fun.  But having juggled work, assistant directing a show and producing Eyes on the Sky last year around this time, I know that it will be challenging to balance all three of these things.  

That's not to say it can't be done - last year proved it's possible.  But I know that my observing time at the eyepiece will be diminished.  Add to that the already-crazy schedules forced onto all of us by the upcoming holidays, and things get a little challenging at this time of year.

I guess as long as I'm getting plenty of rest - and drink plenty of coffee in the morning! - I'll be all good.

I hope.  :-)

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