The Moon tonight

Nov 29

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I captured a shot of the Moon tonight, that is on the area of the lunar surface highlighted in this week's "Eyes on the Sky" video.  The shot isn't all that great - there were some high clouds blocking a fully clear view - but it's not bad, all things considered.  I wish more amateur astronomers would look at the Moon more often.  There really is A LOT to see on it!

I only labelled a few things below.  Check out all of that detail - craters, maria, dark floored plains, bright albedo features... and it's in the sky most of each month.  Plus, you don't even need a large scope to view it.  Any 60mm or 70mm scope will do.  This shot was taken with a 6" reflector with my cell phone camera held up to the eyepiece.  And because my cell phone doesn't take the fastest of shutter speeds, the view through the telescope looked even better than this does.

Go look at the Moon.  You won't be disappointed.  I promise!

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