Funscope / Firstscope and a barlow

Nov 17

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Skywatcher apparently has a rebranded version of these scopes.  Someone on asked why they were having trouble using a 3x barlow with it.  Apparently, this person couldn't get the telescope to focus using it, and wondered why.  Given the short focal length, it's not a bad idea to be using a barlow with this scope, in order to get sufficient magnification to view planets.  But, I don't have a 3x barlow.  I only own a 2x Shorty barlow and a Meade #140 full length 2x barlow.  So I thought it might at least be helpful to see about trying both of my barlows in my Funscope to see what happened.

I have used a 2.5mm and 3mm eyepiece in these scopes before, and they produce sufficient magnification to see the rings of Saturn and a little detail on Jupiter.  Thing is, a lot of people aren't likely to spend $60 on a Long Eye Relief eyepiece for a $60 or $40 telescope.  But a barlow is also an oft-recommended accessory, that can always be used later, and adds to the magnification of ANY eyepiece set (provided the barrel diameters are the same, of course).

So I tried both barlows, using a 10mm Plossl eyepiece.  The shorty barlow hardly needed any focusing adjustment - a small tweak and "Voila!" - the Moon was again in focus.  I then put the Meade #140 in - it required a bit more back-focus, but only about 1/2" or so, and the Moon focused for me with that one too.

So, experiment settled: The Funscope and Firstscope can use a barlow lens, and still reach focus - provided they are 2x barlows, it would seem.  Still not sure of the problem with a 3x barlow, but it's worth a cautionary note just in case.

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