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Nov 2

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I'm always a little hesitant to work on a new telescope when it means taking apart another one.  The 6" f/5 tube I've been working on - well, I got some finderscope shoe mounts in the other day.  Nice anodized aluminum ones from Scopestuff, and they came with the mounting screws AND there was no additional cost for shipping.  Come to think about it, that order was one of the simplest ones I've ever placed for telescope equipment, and my first time buying from Scopestuff.  I'll have to keep them in mind on future orders, for sure.

Anyway, the shoe mounts look nice.  Clean, black, with a nice finish not only in appearance for color, but for workmanship.  I got two because in addition to a finderscope shoe for this scope, I have recently put together the two concrete pier tubes for the 6" f/10.9 mirror, and will need a way to point that monstrosity.  But since I only have one mirror cell at the moment, I'll likely only do one at a time.  In any case, I have three days off now to do some work on one - or both - telescopes.  Well, that is after I finish up working on this coming week's "Eyes on the Sky" video, along with a few other projects.

You know, if Earth's rotation slowed down, it sure would be nice to have a couple extra hours every day.  I'm just sayin'.  

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