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Oct 31

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I've been at a crossroads on what spider to build for a couple 6" reflectors I'm either building or redesigning.  I like the idea of a curved vane spider, though buying or making one is a bit more expensive or involved.  And straight vane ones don't particularly bother me, but when I do outreach, I am sometimes asked about the "spikes" near bright stars or planets.

I bought a 4 vane straight spider a few weeks ago.  It's okay - an old Meade one.  It will work, if necessary.  I'm considering building a modified version of the Royce spider, though perhaps sans adjustment screw (I'll just bend the brass tube to collimate).  I'm a believer in the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid.  

The curved vane gets good reviews in general from people who use them - though it has detractors, who suggest that the diffraction is still there, merely "smeared" across the entire image.  I am hesitant because of this, but will try both to see which one is a more visual-friendly spider.

The one thing that does concern me about curved vane is that the brass I bought yesterday is only 0.025" thick.  I'll need to be careful bending a tube to collimate and avoid bending the vanes.  But I also look at it this way - that collimation is likely to stay pretty darn well and rarely - if ever - needing tweaking.  And besides, the scope I'm looking at it for - a 6" f/10.9 - will tolerate slight mis-collimation due to the long focal length.

I guess I just need to go ahead and bend the brass and start soldering.  I'll post pics.

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