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Oct 10

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So.... I've kinda been busy.  Attended Prairie Skies Star Party in September.  Great event, wonderful people, only cloudy one of the three nights.  Gave my Mayan Calendar presentation; superb feedback.

Decided to sell some equipment to focus on some equipment I really like or want to work on.  A number of eyepieces and my 5" f/9 refractor went elsewhere, and I got a new mirror cell, focuser, and working on some other projects to rebuild my 6" f/5 telescope into a finer-tuned machine.  Also got a 4.5" f/4 mirror to make a small, portable "travel Dob" for camping trips, I think.  Buying and selling stuff takes time!

I also worked on a collimation video for reflectors.  I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out, so it's not "live" yet.  I think I'm going to do a second one that tackles collimation from another angle, then do a third one as a "fine tuning collimation."  Hope to have those up soon.

There's also an online educational website that is focused on "teaching what you know" and I have been given a preliminary acceptance (don't know about final yet) for teaching how to fix telescopes / find things in the night sky.  Hopefully that will move along and be an option.  I look forward to that opportunity.

I also have another Mayan Calendar presentation at a local library, but since this is for a "non-astronomy-oriented" group, I had to add/revise some things in the presentation.  I have a second one in another two weeks, and a third one near Thanksgiving.  Those should be some fun events, and hopefully some discussion-oriented crowds.

And lastly, Comet 168P/Hergenrother!  It brightened up quickly from magnitude 15 to 10 (seems brighter than that when I looked tonight) and is cruising overhead in Pegasus at night, which is perfectly placed right now.  It's been nice to finally have a telescope back outside too, given how busy I've been with other things (work / family / house-fix-stuff / etc.).

Okay, that's enough of that - I'll be better about the blog going forward - clear and dark skies!

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