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Apr 9

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I'm a big fan of used astronomy equipment.  In general, it's a fairly small community, us amateur astronomers.  And those of us who wish to buy and sell in it for both the present and future has a vested interest in being fair and honest in how we conduct our transactions.  I've both bought and sold items on the Cloudy Nights forums / classifieds, on my local craigslist, the Ebay auction site, as well as on Astromart (costs $12 to join, one time - well worth it).  Of course, caveat emptor always applies - buyer beware.  Watch for people looking to make a fast buck, overpriced equipment, and get accurate pictures of what your are buying.

But my experiences have always been good.  And recently I purchased an Orion Expanse 20mm eyepiece.  I just received it in the mail today - packed well, in a bolt case (plastic case in two pieces that screws together around the eyepiece), and in pretty much pristine condition.   I want to do a full review on it sometime here in the near future, but I thought I'd share a few quick thoughts as I just brought it outside to look at through my 90mm f/10 refractor, and compared it with an Orion 25mm Plossl.

It's "okay."  No, let me rephrase that - for a used eyepiece, it's pretty darn good.  The field of view is definitely wider than the Plossl.  Stars in the inner - oh, I don' t know for sure - perhaps 80% or so of the field of view are sharp.  Outside of that - this is where I need to do a more complete review.  Sometimes they looked bad, sometimes they looked okay (in fairness, the "seeing" - or steadiness of the atmosphere - sucked tonight).  Overall, it was a worthwhile investment for what I paid to get it.  I'd probably get a 15mm version used too - but I'm not sure about new.

Anyway, that's some initial thoughts.  If you've ever owned - or still own - one of these eyepieces, post your thoughts on it here and let me know what you think of the Expanse eyepieces - or even the "clones" of them by other retailers.

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