Find Saturn in the night sky this week and next

Sep 2

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One of my favorite aspect of astronomy is sharing celestial sights under the night sky with some of my friends, like Joe Guzman, The Chicago Astronomer. People will stop by, peek through the eyepiece, and ask, "Where is that?"

I point Saturn out to them with a green laser, or say, "It's just to the right of that bright star," and their surprised reactions like, "Really? That's it, right there?" tell me that they didn't know it was so easily seen. I mean, it's a naked eye object, and has been for as long as humans have looked up at the sky.

How to find Saturn, September 2015

So try something: Share this graphic. Let people know how easily they can see Saturn right now, this week. Let's see how many people we can educate about some of the simpler-to-see celestial sights. You might be the reason they decide to dust off that telescope sitting in a closet, garage or attic for years and use it again. 

I am trying something new with this blog. I am working on sharing as many fact-based, easily-seen astronomy events as I can. I have gotten so frustrated with the "Mars will be as big as the Moon!" (FALSE!) over the past 12 years, it is time to start getting as much fact-based astronomy back out into the public consciousness. Please consider sharing this post so we can educate more about basic facts of astronomy. 

For more on what you can see, check out the blog's past posts, or the home page for the most recent video(s). There's also info on basic stargazing and how to understand telescopes

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