Eyes on the Sky on hiatus UPDATE: Now over!

Aug 29

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The text below is what was posted on the home page of Eyes on the Sky for quite a few months earlier this year, but the hiatus ended this week with a new Eyes on the Sky video in a different format, and some Stellarium "how-to" videos. 

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Eyes on the Sky began 7 years ago as a simple article in a local newspaper. It graduated to YouTube videos in late 2010, and became a monthly video highlighting what people could see in the sky, interspersed with "Dark Sky Facts" to educate about light pollution. Later in 2011, Eyes on the Sky went weekly, and remained that way until early 2015. 

It was a Herculean effort, requiring a minimum of 8 to 12 hours per week, with just some donations to help defray some costs, and me largely the only person to do everything: Writing, researching, shooting and editing video, hosting, uploading, attending to social media, etc.. But the goal was always the same: Educate about light pollution by talking about what could be seen in the night sky. 

Over time however, it lost focus. The Dark Sky Facts were getting glossed over, and many subscribers even questioned why they were there. Clearly the intent of Eyes on the Sky - light pollution reduction - was not getting through. On top of all of that, as of December 2014, my younger daughter has had two back surgeries (presently in recovery). I've not had the time to put into this due to her medical needs. 

So for the time being, I hope everyone understands why Eyes on the Sky is on hiatus - health and family have to be first. 

So Eyes on the Sky will be changing going forward. The focus will be more on light pollution reduction. That benefits amateur and professional astronomers alike, but it is also a very long term goal. But the direction of what most viewers may be used to seeing will change, as the light pollution reduction education efforts ramp up over time. I hope you'll continue to support Eyes on the Sky, as very few people actually work on this issue. 

All of the old Eyes on the Sky videos will remain available and viewable, and I am considering doing a "live" video show every so often to talk about what to see when special events come up, and also talking about these new light pollution reduction efforts. Hopefully when my daughter is recovered, I will be able to put the time into making those and rebooting a weekly or even semi-monthly Eyes on the Sky video that doesn't take quite so long to produce.

Thank you for all of the support and views over the years; it is very much appreciated. I hope you understand why this change is occurring and the present hiatus, and that you will continue to support my light pollution reduction efforts. For the light pollution side, I am teaming up with Drew Carhart with the Illinois Coalition for Responsible Outdoor Lighting, and this summer we will be working in earnest on materials to help people make changes in their own localities. 

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