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Nov 17

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Eyes on the Sky is in a transition period. Since November of 2011, a weekly video has been made to highlight one or more things visible in the night sky that week. The goal was always to highlight light pollution, and help others make changes to reduce light pollution. But as I've learned more about it, I've realized that more needs to be done.

However, given the time involved in making the weekly videos, I couldn't do both. So at the moment, there are a lot of things happening "behind the scenes" with Eyes on the Sky to get some new things set up. In the future, there will be ~70 or so objects that any observer will be able to find from most anywhere on Earth (except the very worst light polluted areas, like Broadway or downtown Hong Kong). There is a lot of website writing and setting up to do with that. There are also a lot of scripts to write for the videos that will accompany those pages. I'm in the process of doing that. 

And as for light pollution, each of these videos will feature information - silently, but in an ever-present way - for people to learn more about light pollution issues, and how it affects them beyond just seeing the night sky. Those resources are being written and built. It's a lot of work, but it will hopefully make for an even greater impact going forward - at least, that's the goal anyway.

But I also wish to thank everyone who has donated to me, and gotten me to this point. So if you have not yet donated to Eyes on the Sky, and want to have your name in the credits of these videos for the ~70 objects, please consider donating now. Once I start making the videos, I won't be able to add more names. 

However, I will be making "current events" videos as important events arise. Lunar eclipses, good meteor showers to see, planetary conjunctions, etc. - those videos in the tradition of the weekly video will continue. They just won't happen on a weekly basis. 

Thanks for being a viewer, fan and supporter. I appreciate immensely, and hope you will choose to be a part of this new light pollution reduction effort going forward. 

It really will help all of us - and not just for starlight, but for sleep, and health; that matters, in a lot of really big ways. 

More in the near future. 

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