3 Juno zips past Neptune in Aquarius this week

Jan 5

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The asteroid 3 Juno is zipping pretty quickly through Aquarius right now. It is fairly faint, reflecting sunlight at just magnitude 9.5 or so. So you'll need to look early after it gets dark, but before this constellation drops too far into the thicker portion of the atmosphere in the west. Look for the faint glow of Juno zipping past Neptune for a few days this week - watch the animation below to see how quickly this asteroid is really moving!

Try using a large telescope of 6" or larger, and even if you are unable to spy 3 Juno, Neptune at 7.8 should be observable near a K-class 7.8 magnitude star. They will look somewhat like a 'temporary double star' with a nice color contrast, even though one of the components is our furthest planet. Check them out this week on the 7th through the 10th. 

Don't forget to check out what else can be seen in the sky this week. Also, have you ever seen a white dwarf star? Here's where and how.

Juno near Neptune, gif animation

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