ZOMG! Asteroid 324 Bamberger on Friday the 13th!

Sep 10

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9/10/2013 10:14 AM  RssIcon

I am not fond of the "disaster" meme graphics, or the "faux get you outraged" ones either. I tend to ignore them now. So the ones that still can really get me going are the false or misleading astronomy-based ones, like, "Mars will look as big as the Moon!" that comes around every August now (despite having it's closest approach in 2003, and STILL not looking anywhere NEAR as big as the Moon).

Since Friday the 13th gets peoples' superstitious juices flowing, and I feel like being a killjoy about this based on the Mars memes and other stupid ones out there, I made this "pre-buttal" meme for the asteroid 324 Bamberga. It will reach opposition with Earth around Friday, the 13. I know someone will try to make this into something that will get everyone all excited for no reason, so feel free to share / copy / paste / use the meme I made in your social medial circles.

And if you would like to observe something fun in the sky this week, be sure to check out the 39 features/locations on the Moon you can see in almost any small telescope.

Asteroid 324 Bamberga meme graphic

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