Eyes on Tuesday's sky

Mar 25

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On Tuesday, March 27, the Moon moves past the Pleiades, and in-between that cluster and the Hyades open cluster near Aldebaran.  Check out these two celestial sights with binoculars on each side of the Moon, and don't forget to turn your specs towards the crescent Moon itself.  How many craters can you spy along the terminator - the section where sunlight meets shadown on the surface?  Stay tuned this week - there's more highlights to come as the planets move into more interesting places - see "Eyes on the Sky: March 26 thru April 1" to find out more.

But don't stop there!  Notice those bright stars towards the south from that aligment of Moon and clusters?  That's Orion, and the spectacle of all of those bright objects in the sky is something no telescope can show you - naked eye astronomy can be pretty amazing in its own right.  Look about 90 minutes or so after sunset to catch this sight in the southwestern to western sky.

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Re: Eyes on Tuesday's sky

This was a very memorable sight at Ladd Observatory last week. Unfortunately I didn't have my DSLR so couldn't obtain a good image of it, but the sight of the arc going from Jupiter, Venus, Pleiades, Moon, Aldebaran, and onwards toward Orion was unforgettable.

By Jim on   4/1/2012 8:34 AM

Re: Eyes on Tuesday's sky

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Re: Eyes on Tuesday's sky

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