The odd triplet

Apr 3

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A photo capturing Jupiter between Tau Tauri and NGC 1647 in Taurus.  Aldebaran is at center/left.  NGC 1647 is faint, but look for that gently curving line of 5th, 6th and 7th magnitude stars.  The cluster is right next to a pair of K-class, orange stars - one at 5th magnitude, the other at 7.5.  Both are visible in even small telescopes from light polluted areas, but the cluster may prove more elusive, and require darker skies and/or larger aperture.

On the other side of Jupiter, Tau Tauri is an easily split with a small scope, with as little as 25x magnification splitting that pair with no problem at all.

What can you see?  Give these objects a try this week.  If nothing else, Jupiter and it's Galilean moons are worth the look!  The planet is moving in the direction of the arrow, so it will move away from these two objects as the week wears on, but both are easily found nearby until early next week.

NGC1467, Jupiter and Tau Tauri in Taurus, April 2, 2013

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