The Moon plays leap-frog with Spica and Saturn

Mar 27

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This week, the Moon plays leap-frog near the 1st magnitude star Spica and the planet Saturn.  All are rising in the east before midnight, so you'll need to stay up late to see them, but all three are also visible from most anywhere in the world - though the actual position of the Moon may be slightly different depending on your longitude (graphic below depicts U.S. Central Daylight Time at 11 pm).  

Got a scope?  Don't miss Saturn's rings!  And this week's Eyes on the Sky video details some unique features on the Moon like Schiller-Zucchius Basin, the crater Schiller, and the double-impact crater system of Messier.  

For more information on what you can find and see in the night sky every week, see the homepage of Eyes on the Sky.  Light pollution reduction begins with you, and you can take simple steps to reduce night sky glow without compromising safety.  

The Moon near Spica and Saturn, March 28 & 29, 2013

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