By Dave Fuller on 4/20/2020 7:52 AM
One of the things I really try to do well with Eyes on the Sky is share good, factual information about what can be seen well in the night sky, by most amateurs. Are there a lot of faint things that could be seen that I overlook? Yes. Are there are lot of not-so-great things that get hyped by some media sources of people looking to boost their views or clicks or whatever? Yes also. As such, somewhat frustratingly, I have recently seen one making the rounds with a headline saying unequivocally "We will see 100's of meteors per hours!"

This is just plain FALSE. 

So perhaps it goes without saying that nothing annoys me more when I see plainly sensational language used to describe astronomical happenings. This latest one - which I see nearly every year - is the Lyrid meteor shower. We may see that many Lyrids - IF - there is an outburst, which will only happen IF we are very lucky to go through a particularly dense stream of particles which is not likely to happen this year.

Some facts To provide...

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